Tatkal Railway Ticket Booking Becomes Easier, Book Now Pay Later

People who are looking to travel through Indian Railways can now on book their ticket under the tatkal quota on the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corp (IRCTC) website and can pay later. The announcement has been made by the Indian Railways official on Wednesday.
Before August 2, this service was available only for general reservations. As for tatkal bookings, people had to pay first via the standard online payment gateways before the IRCTC portal confirmed their ticket.
For tatkal tickets, IRCTC users will be able to pay via cash, debit card or credit card by opting to have tickets delivered at their doorstep, said IRCTC payment provider Anduril Technologies.
IRCTC processes 130,000 tatkal transactions daily. A majority of these tickets are booked within minutes of the quota opening.
The new feature eliminates the transaction failures as often the money gets debited and the ticket is not issued due to multiple reasons. The refund cycle is about seven to 15 days.
“The pay on delivery feature completely circumvents the use of a payment gateway and will help users make the bookings in just a few seconds greatly increasing their chance of booking a confirmed ticket under the tatkal quota,” said Anduril Technologies CEO Anurag Bajpai.
He said it will hugely benefit millions of travellers.