Salman Khan pitches for Indo-Pak peace dialogue, says war is no solution!

He’s played the peacemaker between two warring neighbours, India and Pakistan in his film called Bajrangi Bhaijaan, where he is seen helping a deaf and mute Pakistan girl back his home.

And as the superstar is busy promoting his film, Tubelight, Salman says war is no solution. Hoping for better relationship between the two countries, Salman Khan said,” Whenever there is a war, people from both the sides die. The people who ask for war, should be sent to the border. Only, then they will reverse their view on war and will hope for a dialogue on the table.”

Salman spoke after his brother and co-star, Sohail Khan said that dialogue is the only solution. This has triggered a debate that whether a hostile neighbour like Pakistan should be treated with a dialogue. Salman’s father Salim Khan has come out in support and echoed similar emotions and said war has never been a solution to anything.

Salman Khan’s upcoming film, Tubelight is set in Indo-Chinese relations, where his brother is an army officer who goes missing and Salman’s character goes out in search of him.